Welcome to THE LIFESTYLES CRUISE, Full Ship Take-Over websiteThis website was created specifically for couples already booked on one of the very fun Cruise Ship Lifestyle adventures, but we invite couples that are just interested in going and have not made a reservation to join in and take a look at what they are missing. Just click on the box above that corresponds to the cruise you are registered for ... or click the JOIN link above to REGISTER for this website. THIS IS A FREE WEBSITE. Once you are registered, you can come back as many times as you want and participate in conversations about the cruise, fun, excursions and many other concerns.

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Please note, the only way Who's Going can work is for you to register in and get your mini-profile created so other couples know you are going. With more than 1100 couples attending these cruises, meeting new friends BEFORE you board the ship can make your vacation even more special. Ever been to Desire or Hedonism and met the coolest couple the night before you were leaving? If so, you know what we mean. Imagine having compatible couples waiting for you in the foyer when you walk up the plank! There will be so many couples on these cruises, there will be couples you may not ever lay eyes on for all five nights. So get in there, get registered, and start conversations!
TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS WEBSITEWith more than ten travel agencies selling these cruises, it is important that everyone find out where this site is so they say say "Were Going" and make themselves available for couples to contact them in advance.

Whos Going?



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